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The National Maintenance Agreements (NMA) NMAI.Q. e-Learning Resource Center was developed to be utilized as a resource for all things NMA.  Its intended audience encompasses new comers to the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee (NMAPC) Program that possess little to no experience working with the Agreement, up to seasoned veterans that are only looking to reference a specific article of the Agreement in order to gain a better understanding of the meaning of an Article, or locate an interpretation (Policy Decision) previously made by the NMAPC.

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The National Maintenance Agreements (NMA) NMAI.Q. e-Learning Resource Center was developed to be utilized as a resource for all things NMA. Its intended audience encompasses new comers to the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee (NMAPC) Program that possess little to no experience working with the Agreement, up to seasoned veterans that are only looking to View More..

A Partnership of Safety, Productivity, Quality, and Strength

Since its inception in 1971, the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. Program (NMAPC Program) has been administered under a system of tripartite governance and cooperation, with Owners, Contractors and building trades Craft Workers sharing equally in the responsibilities and rewards generated by the NMAPC Program.

National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC)

The National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee Inc., (NMAPC) is an independent corporation comprised of fourteen (14) Labor Representatives, one (1) from each of the participating International Unions; fourteen (14) Management Representatives employed by national contractors that vary in both size and discipline; and rounded out by the Impartial Secretary/Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The NMAPC was View More..

NMAPC Tripartite Principles of Conduct

Since its inception in 1971, the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC) Program has been administered under a system of tripartite governance and cooperation, with Owners, Contractors and building trades Craft Workers sharing equally in the responsibilities and rewards generated by the NMAPC Program. It is under this philosophy of tripartite cooperation and mutually View More..

Becoming Signatory

Becoming Signatory is the first step in the process of joining the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee (NMAPC) Program. Following this brief description of what is means to become signatory to the NMAPC Program, a detailed tutorial will be presented to assist you in completing this first step. It is important to note that by View More..

Site Extension Requests

Once a Contractor has submitted its request to Become Signatory they will also need to submit an Site Extension Request (SER).  The submission of an SER is the second step in the process of obtaining permission to utilize the NMA(s) at a particular location.  Without it, the Agreement is not in effect. Unlike the request to View More..

Work Hours Reporting

Reporting work hours performed under the National Maintenance Agreements Program is not only simple and easy, it is also mandatory. Article XXVI (26) of the NMA, entitled Reporting Requirements and Administrative Fees, states that NMA contractors are required to report all work hours performed under the Agreement, for each craft, and for each location that View More..

Yellow Card

There are two types of “Yellow Card” designation, the “Yellow Card” site and the “Yellow Card” project. The “Yellow Card” site is a designation that can only be requested by owners, but the “Yellow Card” project designation can be requested by Owners/Clients, Employers (Contractors), or Construction Managers.

Zero Injury Safety Awards ® / ZISA ®

Established in 2000 by the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC), the Zero Injury Safety Awards® (ZISA®) is an annual recognition program celebrating those union contractors, labor representatives and owner/clients who work together in a tripartite fashion to create injury-free job sites. ZISA® is recognized nationwide as the premier award for industrial safety.

NMAI.Q. Challenge

The NMAI.Q. Challenge is a compilation of multiple choice quiz questions pertaining to the 29 articles that make up the National Maintenance Agreements (NMAs) its Policy Decisions, formally known as the Book of Decisions, and the NMAPC Program’s various procedures which include the Grievance Procedure, and the Lockout/Work Stoppage Procedure.

I. Recognition

The bargaining unit under this Agreement shall comprise the Union on behalf of (Craft Name) employees of the Employer, now employed and employed in the future for industrial construction, maintenance, repair, replacement, renovation, and modernization in various plants within the geographical jurisdiction of the (Craft’s Name). This Agreement does not apply to general superintendents, superintendents, assistant superintendents, office and View More..

II. Union Security

All employees covered by this Agreement and members of the Union now in the employ of the Employer shall remain members in good standing in the Union during the term of this Agreement.

III. Nondiscrimination

The Union and the Employer agree to comply with all applicable Federal and State equal employment opportunity and nondiscrimination in employment laws.

IV. Scope of Work

This Agreement covers all work assigned by the Owner to the Employer and performed by the employees of the Employer covered by this Agreement.

V. Subcontracting

All subcontracting of work at any tier covered by this Agreement shall be performed under this Agreement, other NMA(s), or any agreement approved as compatible by the NMAPC.

VI. Grievances

Except for jurisdictional disputes and those involving general wage rates, all disputes and grievances arising out of work performed under this Agreement involving the meaning or interpretation of any provision in this Agreement, or involving the meaning or interpretation of any provision in any other agreement incorporated by reference in this Agreement shall be resolved in the following manner: All View More..

VII. Union Representation

A Steward shall be a qualified craftsperson appointed by the Business Agent and confirmed in writing to the Employer. The Steward shall be the last employee to be laid off, provided the Steward is qualified to perform the remaining work to be done at the job. The Steward shall not be terminated or laid off, except as the View More..

VIII. Wages

Wage rates shall be those as set forth in the current Labor Agreement of the affiliated Local Union where such work is to be performed and shall be paid to all employees under the terms of this agreement. Unless otherwise modified by the NMAPC, wages shall be paid weekly by check or other legal tender.  

IX. Benefits and Other Monetary Funds

Welfare Funds, Pension Funds, Apprentice Training Funds and other monetary funds required by the Local Union or District Council Labor Agreement shall be paid in accordance with the Local Labor Agreement, except that no funds shall be paid that exceed the straight time and overtime provisions of this Agreement.

X. Compensation Insurance

For all employees covered by this Agreement, the Employer shall provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Social Security and other protective insurance as may be required by law, and also furnish satisfactory proof of such to the Union.

XI. Holidays

For purposes of uniformity, the following Holidays shall be observed and, if worked, shall be paid at the rate applicable in the appropriate local agreement not to exceed double time: New Year’s Day, Presidents’ Day (Federal)*, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day,  Christmas Day.

XII. Minimum Pay/Reporting Time and Call-Ins

An employee who reports for work at the regular starting time and for whom no work is provided shall receive pay equivalent to two (2) hours at the applicable hourly rate, provided the employee at the Employer’s discretion remains available for work. Any employee who reports for work and for whom work is provided shall be paid for View More..

XIII. Supervision

The designation, appointment and determination of the number of foremen and/or general foremen is the sole responsibility of the Employer. There is a requirement for initial supervision. However, the Employer shall not be unreasonably burdened with additional demands for supervision.

XIV. Travel and Subsistence

No subsistence, travel allowance, mileage or pay for travel time is required to be paid to any employee covered by the terms of the National Maintenance Agreement (NMA).  

XV. Work Hours Per Day

Eight (8) hours per day shall constitute a day’s work and forty (40) hours per week, Monday to Friday, inclusive, shall constitute a week’s work. The regular starting time shall be eight (8:00) A.M., and the regular quitting time shall be four-thirty (4:30) P.M.; lunch time shall be twelve (12:00) noon to twelve-thirty (12:30) P.M.

XVI. Transportation

At plant locations where private transportation is not permitted, the Employer shall furnish transportation that provides shelter from inclement weather from the gate to the job site and back to the gate when said distance is one-half (½) mile or more one way. When transportation is required, the Employer shall transport the employees, no later than 10 View More..

XVII. Safety

The employees covered by the terms of this Agreement shall at all times while in the employ of the Employer be bound by the safety rules and regulations as established by the Owner, the Employer, this Agreement, or applicable Safety Laws.

XVIII. Apprentices

Employers (Contractors) are required to use existing apprentice ratios, however can use higher apprentice to journeyman ratios when agreed upon by the Union (Craft) and the Employer.

XIX. Hiring and Transfer of Craft Workers

The Employer agrees to hire Craft Workers in the area where work is being performed or is to be performed in accordance with the hiring procedure existing in the area; however, in the event the Local Union is unable to fill the request of the Employer for employees within a forty-eight (48) hour period after such request for View More..

XX. General Savings Clause

Any provisions in this Agreement which are in contravention of any Federal, State, Local or County regulations or laws affecting all or part of the limits covered by this Agreement shall be suspended in operation within the limits to which such laws or regulations are in effect. Such suspension shall not affect the operation of any such View More..

XXI. Crew Size

The crew size shall be any number of craftspersons and supervision required to safely perform the work and shall be increased or decreased at the discretion of the Employer.

XXII. Lockout and Work Stoppage

During the term of this Agreement, there shall be no lockouts by the Employer and no strikes, picketing, work stoppages, slow downs or other disruptive activity for any reason by the Union or by any employee. Failure of the Union, its Local Union or employee to cross any picket line at the Employer’s project site is a violation View More..

XXIII. Management Clause

In the exercise of its functions of management, the Employer shall have the right to plan, direct and control the operation of all its work; hire employees and supervision; direct the working forces; assign employees and supervision to their jobs; refuse any applicant; discharge, suspend or discipline for proper cause; transfer, promote or demote employees and supervision; lay off View More..

XXIV. Partnering

As manifested in the Mission Statement, the NMAPC Program is based on its continual commitment to improve the partnering and communication between Owners, union Contractors, and building trades Craft Workers. To further the goal of better dialogue and expedited problem solving, the NMAPC Program encourages the development of local tripartite committees for a specific project or area, that are View More..

XXV. Welding Certification

The Union and the Employer agree to arrange the pretesting of welders at a mutually agreeable time and place. Such testing will be done without compensation, except that welders passing a certification test will be compensated for actual time required to take such test, not to exceed four (4) hours pay upon the employee’s first employment with that Contractor. View More..

XXVI. Reporting Requirements – Administrative Fees

Extensions of this Agreement shall be on a location by location basis and shall be sought for each location. Employers awarding work to a subcontractor must ensure that the subcontractor has applied for the NMA(s) and is in possession of them with permission to use them at the time of award, through the inspection of a valid site View More..

XXVII. Administrative Procedure

Owners/Clients are encouraged to regularly review Site Extension Request (SER) activity at their sites to ensure Employer compliance.

XXVIII. Addenda to National Maintenance Agreement

Addenda to this Agreement which are required to place the Employer in a more competitive position or address the Owner’s requirements may be established by majority agreement of the signatory International Unions comprising the NMAPC. Such addenda shall be reduced to writing and shall be attached hereto and made part of this Agreement for that project.

XXIX. Duration of Agreement

From the date The Agreement becomes effective, it shall continue in effect unless terminated by no less than ninety (90) days’ notice to the other party, in writing or on the NMAPC website at www.nmapc.org. Changes may be made at any time by mutual consent.