Who is required to conduct a Pre-Job Conference?
Which Crafts/Unions should the contractor invite to their Pre-Job Conference?
Following the conclusion of a Pre-Job Conference how long does a Contractor have to issue written work assignments?
Contractors can be penalized for failing to properly hold a Pre-Job Conference?
In the event that a jurisdictional dispute arises under the NMAPC Program what is the correct procedure for seeking resolution?
Once a local Craft/Union has notified its International Union of a jurisdictional dispute, and it cannot resolve the matter with the other affected parties then the International Union may refer the matter to the NMAPC for arbitration.
Once an International Union has referred a jurisdictional dispute to the NMAPC for arbitration and an NMAPC Work Assignment Dispute Umpire has been assigned, within how many days will a hearing be held?
Participants in a Work Assignment Dispute hearing are limited to one (1) representative per affected party, i.e. one (1) per Craft/Union and one (1) Employer (Contractor)?
Outside Legal Counsel is allowed to participate in a Work Assignment Dispute hearing?
When jurisdictional disputes are heard by an NMAPC Work Assignment Dispute Umpire the following criteria shall be used by the NMAPC Work Assignment Dispute Umpire in rendering a decision.
All Employees hired by an Employer shall become and remain members in good standing of the union within how many days following the date of their employment?
In what type of facility are you a probationary employee until such time as the employee meets the owner’s security requirements?
While working under the terms and conditions of the NMA(s) the Union and the Employer (contractor) are required to comply with all applicable Federal and State equal employment opportunity as well as nondiscrimination laws?
Once an NMA has been approved for a contractor (Employer) to use at an Owner’s/Client’s facility, all other work at said facility is also required to be performed under the NMA?
The NMA may be applied to any work assigned by an Owner to an Employer (contractor) including green field construction?
Employers (contractors) are prohibited from utilizing components pre-fabricated at an offsite location?
Owner/Clients that allow contractors to utilize the NMA at their facilities are not required to assign all of their work under the NMAPC Program?
Once an Owner/Client assigns work to an NMA Employer (contractor) it cannot rescind said work order(s) in the event that their in-plant employees claim the work at a later time?
When an Employer (contractor) working under the NMA subcontracts work to a sub-contractor, who is required to be signatory to the NMA and have an approved site extension request (SER)?
In the event that an Employer (contractor) subcontracts work to a subcontractor who then does not receive permission to utilize the NMA or decides to utilize an agreement not compatible with the NMAPC Program, who bares the ultimate responsibility?
In the event that an NMA Employer fails to ensure that its subcontractors receive permission to utilize the NMA, what recourse does the Union have to resolve said violation?
Grievances may be filed under the NMA by which of the following parties?
The NMAPC employs a Grievance Procedure to assist all parties to the NMA for guidance and direction in the event a grievance should arise on their project?
When grievances arise under the NMAs, Employers (contractors) are encouraged to place any monies in question into escrow pending a final and binding decision by the NMAPC.
All grievances shall be filed within _____ calendar days after the complained of event arose.
The NMAPC Grievance Review Subcommittee, the entity responsible for reviewing grievances, is also responsible for deciding matters involving jurisdiction and general wage rates?
Who appoints the Steward on a job for work performed under the NMA?
Stewards are not required to work with the tools on NMA projects?
Stewards are to be the last employee to be laid off provided that they are capable of performing the work in question?
Employers are required to provide reasonable access for Union representatives to their members on NMA projects and jobsites?
In general, wage rates are different under the NMA vs. other local union construction activity?
Wage rates paid to employees working under the terms and conditions of the NMA are those established in the applicable craft’s local collective bargaining agreement?
On NMA projects, wage rates are always lessor when compared to a craft’s local collective barging agreement wage rates?
In general, lay-off is pay-off under the NMA, i.e. When an employee is laid-off or terminated the Employer (contractor) is responsible for providing the employee with any outstanding wages.
How many days from the close of the pay period does an Employer (contractor) have to provide payroll to its employees while working under the NMA?
In the event that an Employer (contractor) fails to provide its employees with their proper compensation are there any penalties that can be assessed on the Employer?
In general, fringe benefits are different under the NMA vs. other local union construction activity?
Examples of benefits required to be paid under the NMA include which of the following?
Employers agree to be bound by all legally constituted trusts for the purposes of making benefit contributions?
Employers are required to sign local collective bargaining agreements in order to legally make benefit contributions and to be in compliance with the NMAPC Program?
In the event that an Employer (contractor) becomes delinquent in making contributions to a craft’s benefit funds the Union may legally withhold its services?
Who is required to provide an Employees Workers Compensation Insurance?
It is encouraged that the employer and Local Unions negotiate and implement alternative dispute resolution procedures to resolve workers compensation claims disputes when and where permissible and/or legal.
Social Security insurance is not covered by the Employer (Contractor); it is the responsibility of the employee to pay for their own.
How many Holidays are recognized annually for work performed under the terms and conditions of the NMA?
All fourteen (14) participating Unions recognize the same seven (7) Holidays when working under the terms and conditions of the NMA?
Under the NMA Presidents’ Day may be considered as a “floating Holiday” when requested and formally approved by the NMAPC. Under this scenario who is limited to submitting such a request to the NMAPC for consideration?
Once a floating Holiday has been formally approved by the NMAPC, Presidents Day ceases to be recognized as a Holiday under the NMA?
Under the NMA work cannot be scheduled on Labor Day; an NMA recognized Holiday?
If an employee reports to work on Monday at their normal starting time and due to weather no work is provided, what compensation should the employee receive?
If an employee is contacted in the evening after he has left the jobsite to report to work the next day, which was not previously scheduled, then the employer has met their obligation for notice and it would not be considered a “call-in” as defined by the agreement.
If an employee is contacted on Saturday morning at 4 AM and requested to report to work as soon as possible, the employee is entitled to a minimum of 4 hours of pay at the overtime rate, or actual hours worked, whichever is greater.
Under the NMA all Employers (contractors) are required to have one (1) foreman for every ten (10) employees?
The Employer (contractor) is responsible for determining the amount of Supervision (foreman) needed to perform work under the NMA.
The Union is responsible for appointing any foreman for work being performed under the terms and conditions of the NMA?
When established for a craft, one (1) top hourly craft supervisor (foreman or general foreman) shall be guaranteed forty (40) straight-time hours of pay per week?
Are mileage payments, when called for in the local collective bargaining agreement (CBA) as part of the zone rate, required to be paid under the NMA?
When per diem rates are established in a local collective bargaining agreement (CBA) under the wage section, are they required to be paid when working under the NMA?
Are Employers (contractors) required to request permission to utilize a four (4) day, ten (10) hours per day, Monday-Thursday flexible work schedule (4-10’s) at their pre-job conference?
Are there a minimum number of days that a four (4) day, ten (10) hours per day, Monday-Thursday flexible work schedule (4-10’s) must be implemented?
Can an Employer (contractor) routinely schedule work on Fridays and Saturdays when working a four (4) day, ten (10) hours per day, Monday-Thursday flexible work schedule (4-10’s) and still compensate their Employees straight-time Monday-Thursday?
Contractors who are signatory to the NMA and local building and construction trade union agreements are exempt from paying shift premiums?
Employees are granted fifteen minutes at the beginning of the shift to arrive at their posts to start work?
When working a four (4) day, ten (10) hour shift, Monday thru Thursday, Friday may be used as a straight time make up day.
Transportation for employees working under the NMA is never required to be provided by an Employer (contractor)?
At what point is an Employer required to provide transportation to its employees?
At a site where transportation is provided by the employer, employee’s arriving to the pickup point more than 10 minutes after the end of the shift are entitled to compensation at the overtime rate?
Which of the following statements is NOT true as it pertains to an employer’s obligation to provide transportation at a site?
Employees are required to follow all owner safety rules as it applies to the specific location they are working at.
Who is required to follow all Safety measures governing a site?
It is the responsibility of the employee to make certain when they come to a site that they are ready to work including making certain their substance abuse testing is up to date.
Unions and Employers are encouraged to utilize higher apprentice ratios when agreeable and needed under the NMAs?
At a minimum, apprentice ratios as they exist within the applicable craft’s local collective bargaining agreement shall be used for work under the NMA
Employers (contractors) never have to reimburse apprentices for lost wages/fringes for attending apprenticeship school?
Employers (contractors) may employ pre-apprentice classifications provided they are recognized within a craft’s local collective bargaining agreement?
Employers (contractors) working under the NMAs are required to hire Craft Workers in the area where work is to be performed in accordance with the local hiring procedure?
How long after an Employer makes a request for Craft Workers does the local union have to provide the Employer with employees before the Employer can employ workers from any source?
The Employer has the right to determine the competency of all employees?
In the event that a particular provision of the NMA is in contravention of any Federal, State, Local, or County regulation or law then the entire Agreement (NMA) shall be invalid and unusable?
For work performed under the NMAs, the Employer (contractor) is exclusively responsible for determining the size of its workforce?
In the event that a craft’s local collective bargaining agreement expires, they may withhold services (manpower) from any contractor working under the NMA in their area.
In order for a Contractor (Employer) who participates in local contract negotiations to be protected by the Lockout and Work Stoppage provisions they must request, and be granted, a waiver from the applicable International Union.
Which of the following statements is true about the penalties contained in Article XXII?
Provided safe ingress and egress are available, it is a potential violation of Article XXII for employees to not cross a picket line on an NMA project.
Employers (contractors) may refuse any applicant under the NMAs?
Employers (contractors) may discharge, suspend, demote or terminate employees for cause?
Employers (contractors) may use NMA Article XXIII “Management Clause” to discriminate against its employees?
Who are the primary participants in a tripartite committee under the NMA?
What is the best source for assistance in establishing a tripartite committee?
What type of issues are tripartite committees charged with addressing?
Which of the following statements is true pertaining to partnering and tripartite committees?
The Employer (contractor) and the Union (craft) can arrange the pretesting of welders at a mutually agreeable time and place?
What is the maximum amount that an individual who passes a weld test shall be compensated for taking such a test?
Employers (contractors) are required to report all work hours that they perform under the NMAs on a craft by craft basis to the NMAPC?
How do Contractors submit the work hours that they perform under the NMAPC Program?
How much does it cost a Contractor to utilize the National Maintenance Agreement(s)?
When are a Contractor’s Administrative Fees due after they have become signatory?
How often are Employers (contractors) required to report their work hours under the NMAPC Program?
Does one revert back to the local collective bargaining agreement (CBA) in the event the NMA does not directly address a specific item?
Can a site extension request (SER) be transferred from one location (site) to another?
Is the Owner/Client signatory to the NMA?
What party has the sole authority to grant or deny an SER?
Who may request an addendum?
Local building trades councils can approve addendums and they will be recognized under the NMAPC Program?
Addendums can only be approved by the NMAPC – Labor Section and are based on a majority rules vote.
Addendums are site specific and can be used by any Employer (contractor) who is in possession of an approved site extension request for the site in question?
How long does one’s signatory status with the NMA remain in effect?
How much time is required for notice before a party can terminate an NMA?
How does a party terminate an NMA?